Big Four Investment In Indonesia 2019, Investing In Indonesia

Do you have a plan to invest in Indonesia? If the answer is yes, you can spend investment in Indonesia 2019 for the following four beneficial instruments that are potentially in demand next year.

The economic condition in Indonesia that began to become a magnet to invest gradually. And, investment in Indonesia 2019 is the safest place to save money than savings. So, what investment is still a prima donna and potentially in demand in 2017? Here’s the list,

  1. investment in Indonesia 2017Property

Most profitable investment in Indonesia 2019 is property. Property can include houses, shop houses, to apartments. Factors driving capital are worthy of investment as infrastructure development in Indonesia generally, and Jakarta is proliferating. So it has a positive impact on the property sector.

If you choose property investment in Indonesia 2019 as a savings field in the long term, then you can select investing apartment. In 2017, Primadonna Apartment Property Investment rather than other properties. The property market, especially condos, experienced a new cycle in 2017.

To investment in Indonesia 2019, the market response to the apartment that had flared is now growing again.  In fact, the development of apartments is no longer located in the city center but has penetrated to the suburbs of Jakarta such as in the area of South Tangerang, Bekasi and Depok.

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If you want to invest property and funds already available funds, then do not delay buying. The selling price will continue to soar every year. Especially if in the vicinity of your coveted apartment already available facilities that qualified.

  1. Mutual funds

The status of the Indonesian economy is improving, and selecting mutual funds for investment in Indonesia 2019 containers is appropriate. Triggered by several factors such as stable rupiah exchange rate, low-interest rate, and steady inflation rate. So it can be ascertained that the return rate of mutual funds potentially up to 15-20% next year. Thus joint monies become one of the profitable investment that continue to be hunted by the market.

Mutual funds are an excellent option if you want to have medium and long-term financial goals. And mutual funds have a growing interest every year. You can choose to investment in Indonesia 2019 a mutual fund product, a mix of the money market.

If you want to gain a significant profit, then do not focus on investing in one container because the risk is higher than the combination of some investment in Indonesia 2019 products.

For that, you can invest in two mutual fund products, such as stock and money market mutual funds. investment in Indonesia 2019 to invest prope, Indonesia’s Positive Economy, Investment Mutual Fund Shine so that the return on this investment in accordance with the type of product and primary assets. The profit of a stock fund can potentially reap the yield of 18% – 25% while the money market gains up to 5%.

  1. Bonds
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Bonds are also a profitable investment in Indonesia 2019. It is estimated that the yield of bonds in the coming year will be around 7% -12%. Mutual fund products based on this debt will be good in the following year.

The actual bond is a letter with the same system as the stock, which must be listed on the local stock exchange. However, bond trading is done not in a particular place. Transactions can occur either online or by phone. Everyone individually can become bondholders.

By investing in bonds for investment in Indonesia 2019, you are likely to have beneficial benefits. These benefits include stable interest rates and bondholders’ ability to estimate their earnings. This advantage is obtained because the bond interest rate is not influenced by bond market price or inflation.

  1. Gold

Precious metals or gold are always included in the list of profitable investment in Indonesia 2019. It is because investing in gold is not only safe, but secure to store, its shape is not easily damaged, and the rate of return is stable even tends to rise every year. And gold or precious metal can be used as jewelry. So often the gold is still a favorite of some Indonesian people in investing.

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The price of gold always increases every year making it suitable for investment in Indonesia 2019. In fact, with a capital of Rp 500,000, you can have 1 gram of gold. Gold is considered able to protect investors in times of crisis even though the profit is sometimes smaller than inflation. So that’s some of the popular investment in Indonesia 2019, are you interested to try it?

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