Company Registration Authority In Indonesia For A Healthy And Sustainable Business

Supervision of the establishment of a new company should be done. This action is to cope the country with the creation of corporations. Company registration authority in Indonesia has an essential role in controlling the establishment of new companies. Building new company certainly need some parties to work together. So, in determining whether or not the company to be established should not be a complicated matter. Company registration authority in Indonesia must work subjectively for the sustainable creation of a group.

Company registration authority in IndonesiaThe General Definition of Company Registration Authority In Indonesia

Series of procedure that you must do for building company is formed your seriousness in the business you will run. To obtain permissions, you must prepare some file, and finally, you will leave it to company registration authority in Indonesia. It’s called one-stop integrated service agency. This institution creates by the government to increase public service in permissions and no permissions.

The goal of this institution realizes the permissions and non-permissions service with fast, effective, efficient, transparent and give legal certainty. This company registration authority in Indonesia also has to understand rights of people and investors to get ease registration. This institution will provide you best service for realizing your company.

Documents Preparation For Applying Company Registration Authority In Indonesia

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Before you up to the registration stage, you must prepare some files. This preparation will make your process easiest and faster. There are  some documents that you need to apply it for company registration authority in Indonesia:

  • Prepare the copy of identity card and tax id number from all members as the founder of the company
  • Prepare a proof of payment of land and building tax from the area and buildings you use to run a business
  • A copy of the place of business certificate or proof of lease of business premises
  • prepare some 6000 stamps
  • After you completed all the documents, you must do these step:
  • Ask the permissions from the neighbors that you will build a company
  • Make Deed of Incorporation that issued by a notary
  • make a certificate of residence to the village head office
  • finally, you can go to company registration authority in Indonesia to asking for Certificate of Company Registration

When your business has the permissions, you can build your company as soon as possible. Make your convenience business with registered your industry with company registration authority in Indonesia. Make sure all documents that you have applied are transparent, so you will not need longer time for waiting.

Company Registration Authority In Indonesia For Realize Good Company

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A good company is a condition when the company can developing sustainably, free from corruption and abuse of authority. The excellent company has excellent management to set business runs under control. There are some characteristics of a good company:

  • Have the increment of profit in range 10-20 % every year
  • Have productivity labors that can increase the revenue
  • Can pay all the debt that use to the initial opening of the business
  • Has an individual budget for employee training
  • Doesn’t include capital to the company continuously

How about your company? When your company has same characteristics, you can be the right company. Those characteristics above just some of whole traits. But, if your business has all of the characteristics, you can breathe with relief.

The existence of company registration authority in Indonesia is beneficial to take control of all companies in Indonesia. This institution also can serve about company description with transparency and exact. The registration company also have goals to protect the business with legal law protection. So, every business must go to company registration authority in Indonesia before beginning the operation.

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