Company Registration Process Indonesia

Company registration process Indonesia must be done carefully and correctly. Notice the dynamicity of regulations and hard bureaucracy here; it is critical to engage professional colleague who understands Indonesia regulations and culture. To build a business for you that do not need a local legal investment proposed you could pick to appoint a distributor or agent or use Representative Office.

Company Registration Process IndonesiaSome foreign investors are usually starting their company registration process Indonesia by set up a Representative Office or Agency Agreement then they will apply for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment Company) status. It is known as PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing) and also the most popular way

Company Registration Process Indonesia

The article will lead you to set your company registration process Indonesia, by determining your business classification and location. Here some choices help you control market research and access to the linked government officers.

Since there is three beneficiary choice for early company registration process Indonesia since the government is included in many business sectors here.

  1. Set up Business Company and Activities in Indonesia

Company registration process Indonesia is a high potential marketplace for global investors. Consider Indonesia status as world fourth most significant population; it provides a promising and dynamic market. Even more, Indonesia also plays a role in the trend of world economies. In fact, many investors that early wanted to explore demand within Indonesia but then set up their company and establish it by doing company registration process Indonesia legally.

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Legal business Not only will it gain from operational profit but also credibility from agents, suppliers, and consumers. In the government data of the Indonesia registered company, you will find the various business that offers multiple products. Dozens of a commodity is shown on the data. Among them are

  • Furniture
  • Foods
  • Gemstones
  • Fishery products
  • Automotive parts
  • Architecture
  • Fashion product, and animation.
  1. Company Registration Process Indonesia for Foreign Investment

The company registration process Indonesia for foreign investor done by (1) international direct investment as a PT PMA (limited liability company) and (2) representative office. By registering in PT PMA, your business can sponsor a company visa for your foreign visitors and clients to obtain. Instead, if you observe the promising market at the priority place, you can choose a representative office. Representative office relatively quick, easy to set up, does not need to be paid up capital, does not require a significant investment, and less paperwork (only worker report income tax and rented office space tax). Here representative office types:

  • Foreign trade representative office
  • External construction representative office,
  • Foreign bank representative office.
  1. Company Registration Process Indonesia

The company registration process Indonesia can be done by these steps :

  • Approved of the company name that conducted at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
  • Gain first license approval at the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board, (BKPM).
  • The article of Association preparation by Notary. Then obtain Establishment Deed at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
  • Obtain Domicile Certificate which carried at the local government office.
  • Obtain some taxpayer registration. Next step is obtaining Company Registration Certificate from the provincial government.
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The whole procedures take about two months by professional help assistance. All of the company registration process Indonesia may cost you energy and time. However, it is the main thing for your business to achieve its promising target in Indonesia. A legal status makes your company develop significantly. Once your firm id it’s company registration process Indonesia it will automatically gain credibility from consumers and suppliers. One your company listed as a registered company in Indonesia along with other business in the Indonesia’s official company directory will also grow professional partnership which is essential for the future development.

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