The Easiest Process Indonesia Company Registration 2017

If you are a beginner of the entrepreneur who wants to build a company, you have to know about Indonesia company registration which can use the first capital.

There are many peoples still be confused about how to build or create their own company in a good, fast, and correct ways. There are also almost got something problem because of not the responsible person or other causes. That is why you have to learn about Indonesia company registration and looking for information deeply before created your great company. It is needed to get the brilliant goals to yours.

Indonesia company registrationActually, about knowledge, Indonesia company registration is not only for a beginner. Someone who was going to build a company also needs information about these topics to create a legal group and believable result. This article is the suitest thing to know many things about that issue. So, read this thoroughly and enjoy it.

Process of Indonesia company registration

There are more than two types of companies which are allowed to build in Indonesia. Here will be explained few points about Indonesia company registration and also ways to create it.

  1. Indonesian Limited Liability Company (in Indonesia called PT. PMA) generally

The subtitle above is one of the most famous topics which spread wide in Indonesia. Do you know how many PT PMA built in our country? A number of this company is more than our local group. There are also many plus and minus value of doing this business. So, you have to know about Indonesia company registration.

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Foreigner just has to provide numbers of capital, and there is also a minimum count of capitals. More information will explain in the next paragraph. You have to know that before the foreigner invests their equities, they have to investigate the business activity into the Negative Investment List (in Indonesia called DNI). It is contained an international boundary utility into a specific business.

  1. This way how to build PT. PMA in Indonesia

Total time which is needed to build this company is about 5-10 weeks. It includes agreements from many authorities and also other steps. If the count of investment is 1.000.000 USD, so the first capital which is needed to give is 250.000 USD. The money allocated for the land, building, and many others necessities. These are some plus values from PT. PMA which built in Indonesia;

  1. It has the similar obligations and authorities with others local company.
  2. At least there are two stakeholders for Indonesia company registration, no matter personal or part of the law.
  3. The structure of the organization at least there is one director and also a commission agent.
  4. There is an easy way to get license permission of Indonesia company registration.
  5. It can sponsor a lot of foreigner employees.
  6. Foreigner investor has 100% or less from the company.
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  1. Limited Company (in Indonesia called PT)

The most popular type of company which is related to Indonesia company registration accurately called Limited Company or commonly said PT. It is a kind of group which has the public law about PT. It admits as a choice of foreigner investor who wants to develop close business by strange owner. PT is one of the companies which have to built by two persons at least, as a stakeholder who has responsibilities and free from company debts.

  1. This way how to built Limited Company in Indonesia

There are many steps you need to get Indonesia company registration which you want to. The owner of the company asks help from someone who knows better about Indonesia company registration. They can give the correct solution and also right way to make real your dream. Don’t forget to choose the believable person and protect yourself from the unpredictable thing.

All of you can contact us for more information about Indonesia company registration. Hopefully, this article would be functional for you all. Thank you.

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