About Foreign Investment In Indonesia and Its Benefit

Foreign investment is a form of investment that comes in various sectors. We will tell about foreign investment in Indonesia with its sectors such as the tourism, transportation, mining, economic development, and the others that still by government regulations and approvals that applied in Indonesia. The reasons why foreign investment is implemented in Indonesia because there are some benefits for it. About foreign investment in Indonesia is undertaken by the government to invest capital in the process of regional development. The Foreign party looks for mutual benefit that can expand their business, and Indonesia gets the benefit of developing each region in Indonesia.

The Benefit About foreign investment in Indonesia

1. Reduce the rate of unemployment
As foreign investors expand their business in Indonesia, it will need a lot of employees especially if the company is a big one. With the high rate of unemployment in Indonesia, it’s very beneficial for us as we know that one of the economic problems hard to resolve in Indonesia is unemployment. It can overcome our economic problem.

2. Increase economic activity in Indonesia
It’s one of the benefits about foreign investment in Indonesia . We have nearly 100 projects implemented in Indonesia from various sectors, and the result of some sectors in foreign investment has reached Rp. 80 trillion. So that foreign investment can provide little assistance to the Indonesian economy amid the uncertain global economic conditions.
Most of the countries in the region of Southeast Asia much ogled by foreign investors such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and including Indonesia. In fact, according to Asia business outlook survey 2015 that about foreign investment in Indonesia is ranked second in the main investment destination countries after China is ranked first.

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3. Political Protection from International conflict
The thing about foreign investment in Indonesia , foreign companies operating in Indonesia are also expected to provide political protection in the event of an international conflict. In other words, foreign investors will try to protect Indonesia as a place of business operations of the company. It’s a good opportunity for Indonesia because we will achieve two benefits directly and indirectly, from an economic perspective and also political perspective.

4. Technology Enhancement
One of the main reasons about foreign investment in Indonesia is built because we still lack technical knowledge and implementation. With foreign companies’ practice of currents technology in the process of production, they are also teaching us and introduce the development of technology. It is very useful because we can learn it and implement it to Indonesia’s companies as well.
Awareness About foreign investment in Indonesia

As a good Indonesia citizen, there are efforts we can do to make our country’s economic condition improved. Supporting national development by guarding the course of investment in Indonesia is counted. There is nothing wrong to learn technology and systems development used by foreign companies that are operating in Indonesia. It is a part of understanding about foreign investment in Indonesia .

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As we learn about technologies, there is a possibility that foreign investors won’t import machinery or materials from aboard. In that kind of condition, the potential of domestic can be maximized optimally. We don’t only learn about foreign investment in Indonesia , but also implemented it in Indonesia.

In this era of globalization, about foreign investment in Indonesia is no longer needs to be seen as a threat. On the contrary, foreign investment can be considered as the driving force for national development. With the support and positive involvement of the government, society, and domestic industry players, foreign investment can be managed to be something that is beneficial to the state.

Those are the explanation about foreign investment in Indonesia that we can learn. Although it gives many benefits and lessons for us, we also need to be careful of foreign investors. Do not let our land monopolized by foreign companies and keep monitoring enterprises to remain environmentally friendly and not harm natural resources.

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