General Guide on How to Establish Company in Indonesia

Building a company in Indonesia? Why not? Anyone can establish a company, including foreign citizens. Today, we will explain how to establish company in Indonesia, complete with the additional information that might be useful for your business in the future.

how to establish company in IndonesiaEstablishment of companies in Indonesia is dominated by foreign firms. It’s because the human resources in Indonesia are not enough to develop the natural resources in Indonesia. For you who want to establish in Indonesia even more, here is the article about how to establish a company in Indonesia.

Five Steps on How to Establish Company in Indonesia

There are several things to do to build a business in this country. Each stage is somewhat difficult because requires many documents and legalization. In the general, here are five steps on how to establish company in Indonesia:

  1. Build a concept

First thing on how to establish company in Indonesia is create concept. Building a business is nonsense if you don’t build a fixed notion of your company. At least, you should know what will your business sell. That reason will higher your company’s chance to be accepted and legalized. Whether if you want to sell products or service, to answer the question of how to establish company in Indonesia you must complete the necessary information about the concept, such as:

  • Company’s name
  • Date and period of establishment
  • Company’s type
  • Goals and vision
  • Source of capital
  • Biodata of the founders, and so on
  1. Ask the government for requested documents
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There are many documents you should complete for the legalization of your business. Make sure you already planned it correctly with SWOT analysis. Then, prepare some funds to pay the registration fee and go to the government in your area then ask about building a company. You’ll be given many requirements that should you do. Thus, this is the second thing on how to establish company in Indonesia.

  1. The primary documents

How to establish company in Indonesia actually? Well, there are the primary documents you must own to pass the registration of company’s establishment. Those documents are:

  • The deed of incorporation
  • The company’s domicile certificate
  • The tax ID number (for your company)
  • The legalization from Minister of Law and Human Rights
  • The trading business license
  • The declaration of company registration (final document from all that already been legalized)

If you miss one document that we mentioned above, your company wont be legal. This is the third thing on how to establish company in Indonesia.

  1. Choose the right partner for invest

This is the fourth step on how to establish company in Indonesia. Building a company requires a considerable capital, so you must be careful when choosing the partner that wants to help you. You can choose to borrow the capital to the bank, but you must think about the risk bank gives. The bank usually will give you an amount of bank interest, and you should choose carefully which bank gives you the littlest interest so you can build your company with no worries.

  1. Place your company in strategic place
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How to establish company in Indonesia next? The place of a company has a huge effect on your business. If your company built in the cities, then there is high possibility you can get a worker faster and cheaper. Also, the product or service you want to sell will be various. This is the last step on how to establish company in Indonesia.

So, are these answers outstanding enough to fulfill your question about how to establish company in Indonesia? Let us know.

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