How to Invest in Indonesia for Domestic and Foreign Companies

Invest in Indonesia? Why not! Whether if you are a domestic or foreign citizen, you can invest in this country. Read our article on how to invest in Indonesia right now.

There are many countries in this world that are profitable if you invest in it. One of them is Indonesia. In today’s topic, we would like to give you information about how to invest in Indonesia for domestic and foreign companies.

how to invest in IndonesiaIndonesia is chosen as the best place for the foreign country to invest because the market in this country has predictable movement yet challengeable. Most of the companies that implement the trends in their business receive a considerable success. But actually, how to invest in Indonesia? Read it fully below.

Easy Steps on How to Invest in Indonesia

Lately, Indonesia applies a somewhat difficult requirement for a foreign company who wants to invest in Indonesia. But as time goes by, the country is aware of their economic sector and decide to simplify the process to invest in Indonesia. The steps on how to invest in Indonesia are:

  1. Building a company

The first step on how to invest in Indonesia is build a company. You can build a company as a domestic or foreign citizen.

  1. a) Build a firm as domestic citizen
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First thing first, ask the government about applying a name to a company you want to set up. The second step on how to invest in Indonesia is going to the notary to create the certificate of a company. Then, wait, and when the license is done, you can go directly to Director General of Tax to get the tax ID number and legalize the company’s association.

  1. b) Build a company as foreign citizen

The steps on how to invest in Indonesia are similar to the domestic one. You should order the name first, complete the required documents by going to the notary and go to get the tax ID. But, you also must legalize those documents according to the Minister of Law and Human Rights and follow the instruction given by BPKM or Capital Investment Coordinating Board.

  1. Invest in a Company

Second step on how to invest in Indonesia is invest. If you cannot build a company in short time, but you still want to invest your stock, you can choose to cooperate with the company in Indonesia. You can choose whether if you want to invest in the domestic or foreign companies, but make sure you know those companies history of sales well because it will affect your investment. We suggest you invest in a trusted company to prevent something undesireable.

  1. Start Invest
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So, how to invest in Indonesia? Well, after you decide to build a company or choose your targeted company for your investment, you may start invest. The steps on how to invest in Indonesia you should do are:

  1. a) Administer investment permit

If you want to invest in Indonesia legally, you must own an investment permit. The grant will be generated in three hours.

  1. b) Administer general’s permit and business license

This stage on how to invest in Indonesia will be generated by the company. If you have a group, then you must administer this document. There are also KPPA and SIUP3A you must own. But if you just invest your capital in the company you choose, you can ask them about this license.

  1. c) (For company) complete the company with the standard procedural operation (SOP) about investment

This stage on how to invest in Indonesia will help another company or individual who wants to cooperate and invest their stock in Indonesia by your company as the intermediary.

We hope that information on how to invest in Indonesia will help you both domestic or foreign citizen to invest in Indonesia.

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