How To Open Company In Indonesia

The strategic economic climate in Indonesia encourages many business people to open a company in Indonesia. Here is the thing you need to consider how to open company in Indonesia to make a good company.

Indonesia is the country which is strategic enough to start a kind of business, investment, or to build a company. It is not only because Indonesia has a lot of sources, but it is also because Indonesia current economic and political climate is so supporting any investment or business, especially to attract the foreign investor. That is why Indonesia citizen should learn how to open company in Indonesia because it already becomes a lucrative target to gain numbers of investments.

how to open company in IndonesiaIt is such an improvement of Indonesia where people nowadays are competing to start a business and open their own company, cause it means that the awareness of being an entrepreneur is increasing time by time.  This article is going to give kind of solution about how to open company in Indonesia by giving you some suggestions to consider before you start your business and open a company in Indonesia. May this will help you to know how to open company in Indonesia and bring you to be a successful businessman.

Let’s Check These Tips About  How To Open Company In Indonesia

If you are going to start a successful business and company, you better take it seriously because if you do it just for fun, we will never know the goal and where does our company go. It such a useless action right? So, you may consider these things first about how to open company in Indonesia to know where are your company stance, opportunity, and the solution in case your company in a dangerous situation. Let’s check it out here.

  1. Knowing the type of your business and your company
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The first thing on how to open company in Indonesia that you need to keep in mind is the type of your business and your company. Not all of the sector or industries are opened and allowed to foreign investment. Some sectors give a limitation to the foreign ownership of 0-95 percent, and it will encourage you to find a local partner or not. But in another hand, there are sectors which give 100 percent of the foreign investment.

Besides, you also need to know the type of your company whether it is a small, micro, or a medium enterprise company. It is important to make the government of Indonesia protects your company, that is why they make a policy about how to open company in Indonesia which requires the company registers themselves as a limited foreign liabilities.

  1. Pay attention to human resources issues

It is the next step that you need to consider on how to open company in Indonesia. Here, as the owner, you have to be selective in recruiting the human resources for your company. Make sure that you are choosing the best human resources which are the skilled and suitable person for your company based on your company needs to prevent more cost because you decide to choose the wrong person.

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In Indonesia itself, we can find 60 percents of the total population in Indonesia as the productive ages. But the problem comes when we realize that not all those people have the sufficient skills and capability to involve in the industrial world. It is because many people in Indonesia still doesn’t have a good and equal educational experience. But you have to do serious considerable training too if you hire foreign talents to decrease the gap between the local talents. That is so important for the step on how to open company in Indonesia.

  1. Decide which is the most suitable company type for your business

Even if Indonesia has potential and supportive economic climate for doing business, but you need to be serious on how you determine your company type because as the archipelago country, Indonesia has the diverse market and different culture which can affect the cost of the goods you need. And this is important on how to open company in Indonesia because if you choose the unsuitable company type, your company is not going to grow and improve.

Determining the best type of company is one of must-do-list when you ask how to open company in Indonesia. It is because different island means different needs. And that is the important homework for you if you are going to open company in Indonesia. You have to fulfill various needs of the Indonesian citizen.

  1. Be aware of an inconsistency law and complex bureaucracy
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Another step to pass on how to open company in Indonesia is processing the bureaucracy and in line with the law. But unfortunately, Indonesia offers complex bureaucracy for those who want to open company. It will take a long time to pass the bureaucracy and be a legal company, and in another side, Indonesia often changes the law which makes longer process on bureaucracy.

That is all the thing that should be a consideration on how to open company in Indonesia. May this article can help you to build a good company in Indonesia.

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